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Whitehead & Hoag J.C.L. button

I have this button that is made by whitehead & hoag ,that I am looking for information on.On the back of the button it has the mfg.`s name and a date of april 14 1896,but no clues to the meaning of the initials on the front of the button.I have added 2 links to get a close up view.I would be very appreciative if you have any information.

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Guest User says: The date on the backpaper refers to the patent dates when celluloid buttons were first invented. That date has nothing to do with the subject of this particular button which was likely made many years later.

hmmm, I wonder if J.C.P.&L. (Jersey Central Power & Light utility company) maybe was originally just called Jersey Central Light? But in 1896, I don't know if there was even a regioinal electric power grid.

But if there was one anywhere outside of New York City, it would be in the home state of the Wizard of Menlo Park, Thomas Alva Edison). I recall reading somewhere that the first city to have electric street lights was in New Jersey.

Then again, it could mean "Jesus Christ Lives"