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Youth for One World

Youth for One World Club Button Museum
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Youth for One World button back Club Button Museum
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Orange button with a large yellow 9 pointed star that is outlined in black. The text is black and orange and is written within the yellow portion of the button.

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In 1969, the Bahai'i faith celebrated their 152nd anniversary. The theme of the celebration that year was "Baha'u'llah--His Challenge to Youth," referring to the young Iranian merchant who founded the Baha'i faith in the 19th century. 1969 was considered "youth year" for the Bahai'i, and the theme for the year was "Youth for One World."

The Bahai'i faith has a strong focus on empowering youth, stemming back to its inception. It began when a young Iranian man declared his beliefs, which were quickly spread by the local youth. Since then, the younger generations have been at the forefront of efforts to spread his teachings.


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