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XTC button back Music Button Museum
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XTC drums and wires
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Purple background with swatches of color in red, yellow and green with white outline forming a stylized human head and shoulder.  The letters "X", "T", and "C" form part of the face.  "Drums and wires" written in purple text on green shoulder area.

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The British band XTC released their third album Drums and Wires in 1979. The album reached number 34 on the United Kingdom Albums Chart, and was the first to feature Dave Gregory, who joined the group as lead guitarist earlier that year.

The album's lead single, "Making Plans for Nigel," contained lyrics told from the perspective of parents making plans for their son Nigel's future, including their conservative aspiration that he will work for the company British Steel. Following the release of the single, British Steel reportedly gathered all employees named Nigel to discuss job satisfaction with the publication Steel News.

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