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White Trucks

White Trucks Advertising Button Museum
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White Trucks button back Button Museum
Advertisement for White Trucks 1944
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Blue bald eagle perched on top of a semi truck with its wings spread. There is a "W" over the grill of the truck. The background is white.

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The White Motor Company was an American company that manufactured automobiles and trucks from 1900 until 1980. The company was situated in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to automobiles and trucks, the company also produced roller skates, lathes, sewing machines, etc. Thomas H. White was the owner of the company, which did not begin to manufacture automobiles until his son Rollin H. White began working on a Locomobile to improve its steam power. Rollin improved the coil system, patented his invention, and began manufacturing automobiles in a corner of his father’s shop. The first group of cars that came out of the shop in 1900 numbered 50. After World War I, the company stopped producing cars and began manufacturing trucks. The company was responsible for the production of the M3 Scout Car, the United States Army reconnaissance vehicle. The company, beginning in the 1930s, also produced buses.

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