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When You Call Me That Smile Large

When You Call Me That Smile Large Ice Breakers Button Museum
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When You Call Me That Smile Large button back Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Illustration of a person wearing a tie, holding an ax and smiling on a blue and orange background with black outlined text

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"When you call me that, smile" is a catch phrase from the novel The Virginian: A Horseman of the Plains written by Owen Wister. The story takes place in the Old West, and the main character is call "The Virginian." His name is never revealed. The Virginian is a ranch hand at Sunk Creek Ranch, located in the state of Wyoming. The line comes from a scene when the Virginian is gambling with the antagonist, Trampas. It was the Virginian's turn to bet but he was silent. Trampas said, "Your bet, you son of a b----." The Virginian pulls out his pistol and says very calmly and gently, "When you call me that, smile." 

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