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We're on the Move to End Slums

We're on the Move to End Slums Cause Button Museum
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We're on the Move to End Slums button back Cause Button Museum
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Brown button with white text and white symbol in the middle. 

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This button was made in 1966 for the Chicago Freedom Movement. It depicts the movement's symbol, which is made up of the letters M-O-V-E. The slogan "We're on the move to end slums" was created by Don Rose, the press spokesman for the movement.

The Chicago Freedom Movement attempted to end slums and housing discrimination in Chicago with the help of the SCLC and Martin Luther King Jr. who, in January 1966, moved his family into a tenement in Chicago. He soon began leading protests demanding open housing, good education and access to jobs. The Chicago Freedom Movement was one of the most ambitious northern Civil Rights movements and, although it was not very successful, it did bring economic inequality into the spotlight. 


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