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Welcome To The Atom Age

Welcome To The Atom Age Art Button Museum Art Button Museum
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Welcome To The Atom Age Art Button Museum button back Art Button Museum
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WELCOME to the Atom AGE!!! G. Panter
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An illustration of a "atomutant" in blue, pink, yellow, red, and black in front of a night sky scape with white stars. The owl-like creature is looking forward and the eyes are the only discernable features within the colors. The text is black and written on a white arch over the top of the button.

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Atomutant © 1979 Gary Panter Art Brand Buttons TM by Easy Aces

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Gary Panter is an artist and part time musician who was born in Oklahoma and raised in Texas. He is noted for having a distinct art style and he created several objects for Pee-Wee's Playhouse. He created comics in the 1970's and 1990's such as Jimbo's Inferno.

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