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We Treat You Royally

We Treat You Royally Event Button Museum
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We Treat You Royally button back Event Button Museum
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We treat you royally ONTARIO/CANADA
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Green text with a gold illustration of a crown on white background.

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In April 1972, Ontario’s Department of Tourism and Information merged with the Department of Trade and Development to form the Ministry of Industry and Tourism. One of the goals of this department was to promote Ontario as a destination for tourism and vacationing. Many local Canadians would vacation outside of the area during their time off, which led to money being spent outside of the area and thus not decreasing the travel deficit at the desired rate. At the time, efforts were made to encourage spending including new hotels, theme parks, and a convention center. While it was technically less expensive to vacation in Ontario than in America because of the worth of the Canadian dollar, the weak Canadian dollar also made broad advertising more difficult with many going the route of promotional wearables including buttons, both in English and French.


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