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The Republican Party was founded in 1854, and its primary issue centered around the abolition of slavery. The first Republican to be voted into the Oval Office was President Abraham Lincoln in 1860. Soon after his election, the Civil War broke out and helped usher the end of slavery in the United States. After the war, the Republican Party continued to enjoy years of prosperity and promoted improving the life of the working class. But during the Great Depression, many citizens blamed the Republicans in power, which led to a Democrat resurgence.

The Republican Party was greatly altered after the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, shifting further to the right and becoming much more conservative. Several Republicans opposed the spending of Democrats and wanted the government to stay limited. The new conservatism was also ramped up over cultural issues such as abortion due in part to the party's Christian membership. Sensing that the American electorate felt brushed aside by the Democratic leadership, presidential candidate Richard M. Nixon made an effort during the 1972 Convention to persuade voters that the Republican Party--and Nixon himself--cared about them. His message resonated with millions and led to Nixon's presidential victory later that year.


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