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Wagar's Ice Cream

Wagar's Ice Cream Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Wagar's Ice Cream  back Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Yellow and black text on a white background. 

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Pat. 7-10-17. 11-4-19. Parisian Novelty Co., Chicago.

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In 1885 W.S. Wagar opened an ice cream shop in Troy, New York, making 100 quarts a day using a fifteen-quart freezer he inherited from his father. Forty years later, Wagar had opened several ice cream stores and began selling wholesale for 15 other confectionary stores. His modern ice-cream plant could produce 12,000 quarts a day. In 1926 Wagar took out a full-page ad in the Troy Times declaring “The Most Important Announcement Ever Made by an Ice Cream Manufacturer” and proclaimed that Wagar’s intended to start including more heavy cream in their product than any other manufacturer. Malcolm K Laustrup Sr., the great-grandson of W.S. Wagar, opened his own ice cream parlor selling Wagar’s ice cream in 1978 in Lake George, New York, and remained in operation for 26 years.

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