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Text on Button Vote Melmacian! ALF FOR PRESIDENT
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Yellow text over a picture of ALF wearing a white shirt with a blue tie.

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Gordon "ALF" Shumway is a fictional character from the 1980s TV series ALF. This button is advertising a joke political campaign attempting to elect ALF as president. He was born on the planet Melmac to parents Flo and Bob. ALF accidentally came to Hollywood when he crashed he spaceship. The name ALF stands for Alien Life Form, and he prefers it to Gordon.

A graduate of Melmac High School and major in software and pedestrian crossing, ALF held a number of positions before coming to Earth including Assistant Boxleitner, male model, Phlegm dealer, and orbit guard. At 245 years old (2012), he would be the oldest elected president. 

The ALF show was the first TV series presented in Dolby Surround sound and totaled 102 episodes. Over the years ALF has remained a piece of American culture having appeared on a number of shows, had his own Marvel comic, and played in Hollywood Squares. Its popularity won the show multiple awards including the People's Choice Award, the Kid's Choice Award and, The Young Artist Award. 

A website is still running for ALF's presidential campaign.

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