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Van Halen Warner Brothers Music Button Museum
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Van Halen Warner Brothers button back Music Button Museum
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Van Halen WB logo ©1978 Warner Bros. Record Inc. Printed in USA
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Van Halen logo in silver with banner in blue, purple, green and orange, Warner Bros. logo at top center and copyright info at bottom edge.

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Van Halen is an American rock band that was most active from 1974-1999. The Rock band consisted of Eddie Van Halen (guitarist), David Lee Roth (vocalist), Alex Van Halen (drummer) and Michael Anthony (bassist). Sammy Hagar eventually replaced David Lee Roth as lead vocalist in 1985. The band’s debut album titled “Van Halen,” release in 1978, was considered revolutionary and original and helped to influence rock and roll from that point forward. The songs that appear on Van Halen are:

Side A

1.    Runnin’ With the Devil

2.    Eruption

3.    You Really Got Me

4.    Ain’t Talkin’ ‘bout Love

5.    I’m the One

Side B

1.    Jamie’s Cryin

2.    Atomic Punk

3.    Fell Your Love Tonight

4.    Little Dreamer

5.    Ice Cream Man

6.    On Fire

All though Rolling Stone did not give the album a good review when it was first released it now lists the album as number 27 out of the 100 best debut albums of all time. The band toured for a year after, releasing their debut album, as the opening band for Black Sabbath. This tour created a reputation for the band and allowed them to introduce themselves to their fans. 

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