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Vacation Church School Holy Bible

Vacation Church School Holy Bible Club Button Museum
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Vacation Church School Holy Bible button back Club Button Museum
Beatrice Daily Sun June 2, 1972
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VCS Holy Bible
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Illustration of an open book with a black torch above it and red text on a yellow cross-like symbol with a light blue background.

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David C. Cook Publishing Co. Elgin, New York Boston

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The Vacation Church School is different from Vacation Bible School in that the “church school” teaches about more than just bible stories and scripture. Some of the topics that would be covered in Vacation Church School would include scripture, saints, feasts, worship, music, and prayers. Vacation Church School is usually conducted in the summer after the school year ends and before the new year begins, so that children can have longer hours of uninterrupted instruction. It appears that Vacation Church School is used by the orthodox and evangelical denominations as they have more church doctrines to instill in their church communities. Looking at the Beatrice Daily Sun on June 2, 1972 it can be seen that many of the churches are holding Vacation Church Schools. Most of the schools begin in the morning and go into the early afternoon. 

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