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USTA Circuit Press blue

USTA Circuit Press blue Event Button Museum
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USTA Circuit Press blue button back Event Button Museum
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A white and blue background with white and blue text. Next to the white text is a white seal and on the other side, a blue tennis racquet with blue text

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This is a button identifying the press at a circuit tournament for the United States Tennis Association. The United States Tennis Association was established in 1881 as the United States National Lawn Tennis Association. It was founded as the "national governing body of American tennis." In 1920, they cut "lawn" and "national" out of their name, officially becoming The United States Tennis Association. They are affiliated with both youth, college, and adult teams, but this button may be from a tournament for their pro circuit. 


Kimball, Warren (2015). USTA name changes: All for good grammar. USTA.

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