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Union Saint Jean Baptiste D’Amérique

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L'Union Saint Jean Baptiste d’Amérique FOUNDEE LE 7 MAI 1900
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Gold cross in from of French flag and American flag on white background encircled by blue border with white text. 

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The Union Saint Jean Baptiste D’Amérique was a fraternal organization that sprang up in New England for Franco-American populations. The Union was initially founded in 1900 in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. The members of the Union dedicated themselves to the promotion of the moral and social welfare of Union members and their families. The Union also served to bring about a unified, central organization of all of the various local French societies. The various Catholic societies that created the union were associated with French Catholic Parishes in American cities. The societies often preceded the establishment of the parishes that they were associated with. The societies mostly offered sick and death benefits to their members. 

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