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The Uncola Eye

The Uncola Eye Advertising Button Museum
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The Uncola Eye button back Advertising Button Museum
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White background with an illustration of an eye with the 7up logo in its center. Green text 

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UC 157

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Beginning in 1969 and lasting until the mid-1980's, 7up, a brand of non-caffeinated soft drinks with a lemon-lime flavoring marketed its "uncola" advertising campaign. Designed to appeal to the younger generation, as well as to sell itself as a distinct type of drink, the campaign mostly featured commercials starring actor, dancer, and director, Geoffrey Holder. Holder, who became the face of the campaign at the time, starred in the commercials as a Caribbean planter who would explain to the audience the difference between ordinary cola nuts and 7up's "uncola nuts." Known for his "cool guy" appearance as well as his phrases like "absolutely marvelous" and "je ne sais quoi", Holder ensured the campaign was a success with audiences. In addition, Holder broke grounds by being the first person of color to be cast in a TV ad for 7up. Prior to his appearance, the company did not allow people of color to be featured in any of their advertisements. Holder continued to stay in the role throighout the entire ad campaign.

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