Turtle Derby

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Text on Button Turtle Derby 1966 JHH
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Illustration has yellow text on a blue background in a circle near the edge of the button, which also shows stars and planets. The text reads Turtle Derby 1966. Centered is a multicolored image of a turtle in a space helmet, superimposed over a blue and white image of a planet. The turtle is holding a pennant that reads JHH.

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The "JHH" on the pennant illustrated on this button stands for Johns Hopkins Hospital, host of the Turtle Derby since 1931. The annual event began as a race between the pet turtles of Benjamin Frisby, a caretaker at Johns Hopkins. It is hosted by first-year medical and radiography students. Turtles are rented from local turtle farms and returned after the race, with money wagered on the turtles benefiting charity. Johns Hopkins Hospital was established in Baltimore, Md. in 1889, 13 years after the University's founding.

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