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Tuaca Italian Liqueur

Tuaca Italian Liqueur Advertising Button Museum
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Tuaca Italian Liqueur button back Advertising Button Museum
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Light purple text at the top of the button and black and brown at the bottom with an illustration of a buttefly with a human face where its body should be and an orange drink in front of it on a black background, the button has an off white background color.

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FOUR ROSES N.Y.C. Dalo Button Co. N.Y.C.

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Tuaca is an Italian liqueur that features a blend of brandies, distilled Mediterranean citrus essences, and vanilla. The original Tuaca recipe is said to have been created over 500 years ago during the Italian Renaissance. The recipe was "rediscovered," perfected and proudced by Geatano Tuoni and Giorgio Canepa of Livorno, Italy, who dubbed the liqueur Tuaca. In 2010, the Tuaca distillery in Livorno closed, and the liqueur is now produced by the Louisville, Kentucky-based manufacturer Brown-Forman. The Butterfly Flip is presumably a cocktail made with Tuaca. 

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