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Toyota Builds Quality

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Toyota Builds Quality
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Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese motor vehicle manufacturer that was founded in 1937. They are currently headquartered in Toyota City, Aichi in Japan. Toyota is a current top 5 seller of vehicles in the United States.

Build quality is a term for how well the car is manufactured. Factors that influence build quality include how many repairs it needs, cost and ease of maintenance, comfort, interior noise, aerodynamic drive, miles per gallon of gasoline, and more. Although a car may look aesthetically pleasing on the exterior, which may initially interest a buyer, what keeps buyers satisfied for longer periods of ownership is a good build quality.

Many American consumers look for things that are manufactured in America to consider the quality of them by seeing the build and how things are made. In many American vehicle factories, the production has a layer of transparency to the public seeing what is going on by offering tours or promoting upcoming changes. With foreign manufacturers, the in-person build quality experience is more difficult for the American public to see. Beginning in the 1980s, Honda and Toyota started manufacturing certain parts in America to win over the American audience with a "Made in America" seal of approval on their vehicles.


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