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Tinley Park Help Stop Fires

Tinley Park Help Stop Fires Cause Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Tinley Park Help Stop Fires back Cause Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Tinley Park Vol. Fire Dept. HELP STOP FIRES
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Red fire illustration with black and red text

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The Tinley Park Fire Department was founded in 1901 in Tinley Park, Illinois, and has since been providing the area with fire suppression as well as fire prevention through outreach and programs in the community. They are very active in the community to advance public safety through fire prevention, investigation, and education programs. The Tinley Park Fire Dept. was once volunteer based, however, as the town of Tinley Park has expanded, so has the fire department. There are now 4 strategically placed fire-houses in the area so to ensure they are all fully staffed firefighters are scheduled and are paid-per-call, this change happening in 1976. The over 125 firefighters are scheduled part-time at one of the 4 fire-houses, with a few key positions being full time, such as fire chief.

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