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There's Money in Buttons

There's Money in Buttons Self Referential Button Museum
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There's Money in Buttons button back Self Referential Button Museum
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Black text on a copper background

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Adcraft Mfg. Co., Chicago 22

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Chicago-based AdCraft Manufacturing Co. first began making buttons in 1919. The company initially offered products such as conference and luncheon badges, celluloid and metal buttons, ribbons and other advertising novelties and products. Their products ranged from traditional advertising buttons to conference badges. During the 1970s, the company branched out to do other kinds of advertising, including and not limited to signs and displays and became a leading supplier of buttons. Like other companies, political buttons served as one of the largest outputs of products. AdCraft’s ADCO Litho Line, sold in 1978, continued on in the button and advertising business until 2018.


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