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Tastykake Magic Lamp Club

Tastykake Magic Lamp Club Button Museum
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Tastykake Magic Lamp button back Club Button Museum
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Neb U Chad Nez Zar Tastykake Magic Lamp Club
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Golden yellow ring around outer edge of button with blue text, a blue stripe across the bottom near the bottom with white text. The inner circle of the button has a blue and yellow illustration of a magic lamp and a person in a turban on a white background.

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Bastian Bros. Co. MFRs of Ribbon Metal and Celluloid Novelties. Rochester, N.Y. with union bug

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Bastian Bros Rochester, N.Y.

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Tastykake is a pastry manufacturer that was established in Philadelphia in 1914. Some of its most popular varieties are: Tastykake Krimpets, Kandy Kakes, Juniors, and Pies. Tastykake was bought by Flower Foods, Inc. in 2011 for 34 million dollars.

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