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Taito Advertising Button Museum
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Taito button back Advertising Button Museum
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A lightening bolt shoots across the button beneath a giant number one with sticker of the company name on an off-center gray circle and blue background, semi-circular black text at bottom.

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The Taito Corporation is a Japanese publisher of video games that has been in operation since its founding in 1953. Some of Taito’s most well known productions were the arcade games Space Invaders and Bubble Bubble. The Taito Trading Company was founded by Michael Kogan, a Russian Jewish businessman, and initially distributed vending machines and jukeboxes. In 1973 Taito introduced their first video arcade game and renamed the company the Taito Corporation. It wouldn’t be until 1978 that an arcade game, called Space Invaders would by introduced and the company would become extremely successful. The company continued to produce through the 1990s, eventually creating a CD-ROM based console in 1992, which allowed users to play some of the arcade games and download games from a satellite transmission. The console, named WOWOW, was never released. In 2005 the Taito Corporation was purchased by Square Equinox who, in October of 2008, liquidated the company. 

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