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Superhero Secret Identity

Superhero Secret Identity Innovative Button Museum
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Superhero Secret Identity button back Innovative Button Museum
Animated gif of button in action
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Illustration of the front of a white shirt with a blue striped tie and a pocket with pens in it, underneath is a flesh colored chest with superhero in red and black text

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Busy Beaver Button-O-Matic 2011: Superhero! Abbey Hambright

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This button was created as part of the Busy Beaver Button Co.'s Button-O-Matic 2011 series "Superhero!" by Abbey Hambright. In an interview on the Busy Beaver blog she describes the inspiration for the button, "We were brainstorming different things that superheroes do— they scale tall buildings, rescue babies and old people, they defeat evil villains, when it hit me: they tear off their shirts! Thus the first ever tear-off button was born." The full interview and an animation of the button's shirt being torn off can be found here: The animated gif is also viewable above.

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