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Stay in the Streets

Stay in the Streets Cause Button Museum
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Stay in the Streets button back Cause Button Museum
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Illustration of a yellow-colored raised fist with yellow text on a background that is half blue and half red.

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Founded in 1966, the Black Panther Party was an African American revolutionary party that operated during the late 20th century. Originally based in Oakland, California, the organizations initial purpose was to patrol dominantly African American neighborhoods while armed in a means of protecting residents from acts of police brutality. As the organization further developed, community social programs such as free school breakfasts for children as well as the advancement of health clinics became prominent aspects of the parties priorities. Viewed by many as an organization that advocated violent tendencies, the Black Panthers endured a controversial existence. Deemed by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover as "the greatest threat to the security to the internal security of the country", the Black Panthers faced numerous instances of backlash from its opponents.  Though disbanded in 1982, the organization remains an important and highly studies presence for its role in American society during the twentieth century.


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