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Star Child

Star Child Innovative Button Museum
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Star Child button back Innovative Button Museum
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Illustration of a child in a blue hat and an orange and yellow striped top putting a yellow star on the top of a pine tree with red lights on the five points of a star mounted behind the button

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The illustration depicts the works of Mary Hamilton. Mary Hamilton is an artist at Hallmark with a talent for telling charming stories and bringing beauty to everyday objects. Her illustrations brought extraordinary innocence and sweetness to life. Some of her work showcases whimsical characters for Hallmark greeting cards and designing ornaments with cute angels. But her most notable works include bears that appeared on cards, albums, ceramic plates, mugs, books, puzzles, and stickers. Her work became so popular that many fans sent her letters, and she continues to strive as an illustrator, mentor, and friend to many across Hallmark’s creative community.


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