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Stamp Out Rhinestones

Stamp Out Rhinestones Advertising Button Museum
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Stamp Out Rhinestones button back Advertising Button Museum
Albuquerque Tribune 1967
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White text on a blue background. 

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“Help Stamp Out Rhinestones” was, according to an article in the December 20, 1967 Albuquerque Tribune, a slogan used by a jeweler in Albuquerque to convince husbands to buy their wives diamonds. The article explains, “’Help Stamp out Rhinestones’ is the slogan on a sky blue button being sported by Dick Rubenstein” the manager of the local jewelry store. (pg. B-2). The article also gives a description of what jewelry trends are during this time period. Overall women wanted to own several nice pieces of jewelry as opposed to many costume pieces. Furthermore, “women are more and more preferring the bracelet watch . . . [or pieces with] colored stones daringly combined with diamonds.” (ibid). Another advertisement using this slogan appeared in the Independent Pasadena on June 2, 1968. 

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