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Split Enz Waiata Blue

Split Enz Waiata Blue Music Button Museum
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Split Enz Waiata Blue button back Music Button Museum
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Black/white musical notes resting on a black staff against a turquoise blue background. The band’s name, Split Enz, is capitalized in white text on the black staff.  The album’s name, Waiata, is capitalized in black text on the turquoise blue background.

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Founded in 1972 in Auckland, New Zealand by Brian Timothy Finn and Phil Judd; Split Enz was best known for the breakthrough international single "I Got You" from 1980.  Their sixth studio album, Waiata (also known as Corroboree in Australia) was released in 1981.  Waiata is defined as a Maori song. The Waiata’s album cover art was produced in three different color combinations: Black/Pink/White, Green/Gray/White and Lilac/Gray/White. The album cover art for Corroboree was Black/Brown/White. After disbanding in 1984, two former Split Enz members, Neil Finn and Paul Hester, along with Nick Seymour formed Crowded House.

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