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Soccer The Sport of the Eighties

Soccer The Sport of the Eighties Sports Button Museum
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Soccer The Sport of the Eighties button back Sports Button Museum
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Soccer The Sport of the 80’s
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Red and blue text on a white background with a soccer ball

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In the 1979 season, the Division I North American Soccer League (NASL) dubbed soccer "the sport of the 80s" to challenge other sports in the US and to bring attention to the growing popularity of the sport. However, after the Chicago Sting won the championship in 1981, the number of teams in the league dropped from 21 to 14. By the time they won again in 1984, the NASL only had two teams left that were interested in playing for the 1985 season. The Division I NASL disbanded. The present-day Division II NASL was founded in 2009, and plans to expand to 12 teams in the US and Canada for the 2016 season.

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