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Shy Guy

Shy Guy Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Shy Guy button back Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Yellow background with an illustration of a man clasping his hands together, resting his nose on top of them and his eyes closed, with blush on his cheeks. The red text is above the illustration and to the left

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This button is part of a set that features cartoon images of men's behaviors. There are at least five pins in the series, each depicting a different man. They are "Shy-Guy," "Loudmouth," "Freeloader," "Lush," and "Wolf." Each man's illustrations accentuate their particular title with small details; the "Shy-Guy" has blushing cheeks and keeps his eyes closed. The term "Shy-Guy" in this context refers to a man who is not comfortable around people; he is bashful, coy, and sheepish. Stylistically, the drawings are similar to mid-century cartoons found in adult magazines or illustrations on cocktail napkins.

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