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Selz Shoes

Selz Shoes Advertising Button Museum
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Selz Shoes buton back Advertising Button Museum
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Blue background with white lettering and illustration of two feet with toothy grins on the soles. 

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J.B. Carroll Chicago

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SELZ is a brand of footwear manufactured and distributed by Chicago-based Selz, Schwab & Co. (1890-1929). The pioneering men responsible were both German-born immigrants. Morris Selz arrived in America at the age of 17, gaining experience elsewhere before arriving in Chicago eleven years later. His company, Selz & Cohn, opened in 1871 becoming a leading Midwest shoe wholesaler within a couple years. Charles H. Schwab joined the firm in 1878, incorporating in 1890. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the four Chicagoland factories (Chicago, Joliet, Genoa, Elgin) were churning out around 12,000 pairs of leather boots and shoes each day. Factory closures in 1929 associated with the Great Depression brought about its end.


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