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Seasons Greetings Polar Bear

Seasons Greetings Polar Bear Events Button Museum
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Seasons Greetings Polar Bear button back Events Button Museum
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Seasons Greetings
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A photograph of a polar bear with a red tint over it.  Below the polar bear is red text inisde a white box/square. 

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"Season's Greetings" is a greeting that is commonly used before or during Christmas time or the holiday season. The greeting is usually used between November and New Years. Though the greeting is most commonly found on holiday greeting cards, it is also spoken. During the 19th century, the phrase was originally "With the Season's Greetings." But it was later shortened to "Season's Greetings," in the 1920s. It is also common to see winter animals paired up with the phrase, such as polar bears. Certain colors can be associated with the holiday season, such as the red and white colors on the button. 

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