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Seagram's 7 Crown

Seagram's 7 Crown Advertising Button Museum
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Seagram's 7 Crown button back Advertising Button Museum
Every Party's Choice" ad in Popular Mechanics
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Red number 7 wearing a crown in the center on a dark blue background with white text near outter edge.

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Seagram's Seven Crown American Whiskey A Blend 80 proof Seagram Distillers Co. NYC

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Seagram's Seven is a brand of blended American whiskey bottled at the Lawrenceburg Distillery in Indiana. The brand's name comes from Joseph E. Seagram, who started out managing a flour mill and ended up making whiskey in the 1880s. His son ended up selling the company shortly after his death, but the brand stuck. 

Seagram's Seven is frequently consumed with a non-alcoholic beverage, often mixed with colas. Arguably the most popular cocktail being the 7 and 7, a mix of Seagram's Seven and 7-Up. The brand became popular in the 1970s using the "Every Party's Choice" slogan in its advertisments.


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