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Green and red text with an illustration of Santa Claus in the middle on a white button. 

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Wieboldt Stores, Inc. was a Chicago general retailer that opened in 1883 and closed in 1986 after the company went bakrupt. Its flagship location was State Street in downtown Chicago with a number of other locations in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Wieboldt's cultivated a welcoming atmosphere, employing a multilingual sales staff. For that reason, they were popular among working-class shoppers who could not afford or felt unwelcome in the big downtown department stores.

Like most department stores during the late nineteenth and early to mid-twentieth centuries, they had elaborate Christmas decorations and displays with accompanying advertising campaigns. Wieboldt's even sponsored a seasonal radio show and then television program featuring the Cinnamon Bear, which told the story of a stuffed bear who lived in the enchanted world of Maybeland. The Cinnamon Bear aided two young children who came to Maybeland to find the lost the silver star that topped their Christmas tree. Wieboldt's sold stuffed teddy bear versions of the Cinnamon Bear during the Christmas season.


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