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S. Gross National Lampoon

S. Gross National Lampoon Entertainment Busy Beaver Button Museum
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S. Gross National Lampoon back Entertainment Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Illustration of green frog sitting in a wagon holding a antique clothes irons in each hand.  Green text on a white background.

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S. Gross is an American cartoonist who specializes in single-panel cartoons. Throughout his lucrative career, his work has appeared in numerous magazines, such as Esquire, The New Yorker, as well as National Lampoon. One of Gross's most famous works was a cartoon that appeared in the December 1970 issue of National Lampoon. The comic, which is known as Frog Legs, depicts a couple at a restaurant where on the wall is a sign next to the kitchen door that reads "TRY OUR FROG LEGS." The couple is depicted as staring down at a frog who appears inside a wagon and is missing both of his legs. Noted for its dark humor, the cartoon remains one of Gross's most recognized works.


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