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Rolling Stones Chicago 1981

Rolling Stones Chicago 1981 Event Button Museum
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Rolling Stones Chicago 1981 button back Event Button Museum
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White block text on black banner in the center with WLS AM 89 & FM 95 on the top left and a tongue sticking out of an open mouth on bottom right all on a white background

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WLS (AM) and WLS (FM) are sister radio stations that still air today in Chicago, IL. While they were originally branded together as WLS AM & FM, recent years have given them their own identities. The pairing became known as, “The station for the concerts,” in the 1970’s when they innovatively began to broadcast live shows of bands. In 1981, the band, The Rolling Stones, was invited by the stations to perform a show for their “Tattoo You” album tour. This concert may have not happened without the influence of the stations.


Childers, S. (2008). Images of America: Chicago’s WLS Radio. Chicago, IL: Arcadia Publishing.

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