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Rock Against Racism was formed in the UK in the mid-70s by artists and activists who were alarmed by a rise in far-right political parties and white supremacism. Music concerts and other events were held throughout Britain. Different types of music such as reggae and punk would be played at the same concert, encouraging multiculturalism. Through this, youths were discouraged from embracing racist mentalities.

The movement spread internationally, and on June 9, 1979, a concert was held in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL. A flyer for the event states: “In the USA, black music, Latin music, folk-rock, southern boogie, jazz, new wave, reggae, and all us fans will unite in several places at several dates in a show of our anti-racist solidarity... The crucial test for RAR-USA will come June 9th in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. The scene of everyone’s favorite police riot is also considered the most segregated big city in the U.S. ... By opening an offensive not just against organized racists, but against the whole system of control... Rock Against Racism can set a new beat for the coming decade, a beat that’ll shake the walls of Babylon to their very foundation.”


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Rock Against Racism Leaflet, Chicago Lincoln Park.

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