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Restless Records White

Restless Records White Music Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Restless Records White back Music Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Black text in white box with black box to the left containing white text R and white illustration of a hand. Outside of box, black illustrations spirals on white background.

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Reckless Records is a group of three record stores in Chicago, IL. The stores’ offerings range from new & used CDs to games and vinyl and has been a go-to indie spot for CDs, vinyl and DVDs. Originally started in London in 1983, the company opened its first Chicago location in 1989. The company had a short-lived independent music label that produced LPs for Bevis Frond and Oakland guitarist Henry Kaiser. The Broadway location has been used for in-store performances by touring indie-label artists and local bands, and the Wicker Park location inspired the look of the film, High Fidelity.


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