Rally for Sanity and/or Fear

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Text on Button SANITY FEAR
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Illustration of opposing blue and red hands with thumbs extended on a white background.  White text on the palms and wrists of each hand.

Curl Text Busy Beaver Button Co. busybeaver.net - 10/30/10 Washington DC - Rally to Restore Sanity & March to Keep Fear Alive
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The "Rally for Sanity and/or Fear" was an event put on by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert of the Comedy Central Channel on October 30, 2010. The rally was held at the National Mall in Washington DC and over 200,000 people attended. Stewart and Colbert put on the rally in order to give average Americans a chance to have a voice in the American political conversation. Buttons for the event were designed and printed by the Busy Beaver Button co. of Chicago and only 100 were made to be given away.

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