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Railroad Clerks Union 1940

Railroad Clerks Union 1940 Club Button Museum
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Railroad Clerks Union 1940 button back Button Museum
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B. of R. & S. C. F. H. E. & S. E. C OF BR A.F OF L. A OCT. 1940 SA 94 UNION LABEL CHICAGO
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A large black C sits right in the center on a white background. In the center of the C is a black X symbol made of railroad spikes and smaller letters in black colored text. Around the C are white letters in a circle formation on yellow background.

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PAT FEB 13 1917
(illustration of duck)
(two pieces of indecipherable illustrations filled with text)
NO. 1215675

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The Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express, and Station Employees (BRSCFHESE) was organized in 1899 as the Order of Railroad Clerks of America in central Missouri. The union name on this button was adopted in 1919 and since 1987 has been called the Transportation Communications International Union.  In its heyday, it was the largest clerical union in the railway industry.  BRSCFHESE was a highly hierarchical organization with the Grand Lodge at its pinnacle.  No lodge could be formed or continue to operate without the Grand Lodge's formal approval.  

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