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Queen Mary

Queen Mary Advertising Button Museum
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Queen Mary button back Advertising Button Museum
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Black and red image of a crown with black text and two-ringed black border on a white background. 

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W.P.P. LTD. 5/1984 Doris D.

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The Queen Mary is a historic ship and hotel in Long Beach, California. Built in Scotland in 1930 and launched from England in 1936, the Queen Mary became known as the grandest ocean liner in the world. It carried passengers across the Atlantic Ocean for 3 years but during World War II it became a troopship. Stripped of its amenities and painted gray, it became the largest and fastest troopship to sail. The Queen Mary was restored after the war, and was eventually retired in Long Beach in 1967. It is now a hotel and event venue and has three world-class restaurants on board. 

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