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Pulsallama Music Button Museum
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Pulsallama button back Music Button Museum
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Red text on a reddish black background

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Pulsallama was an all female, New Wave/Punk, all percussion band from the East Village of New York City that was active from 1981 through 1982.  The core band was 7 members but it had at one time as many as 12 including: Ann Magnuson, Wendy Wild, Jean Caffeine, Stacey Elkin, Charlotte Slivka, Katy K, Min Thometz, Judy Streng, Andé Whyland, Dany Johnson, Lori Montana, Kim Davis, April Palmieri, and Diana Lillig.  The band released two singles and were known for their jungle style rhythms, danceable beats, as well are their flair for 1950's styled cocktail dress attire. 

New Wave and Punk fans flocked to see this band not only for the theatrical stage presence and unique use of props, but also for the percussion style music.  Pulsallama toured predominately on the East Coast and parts of England and a few times opened for the band The Clash. The release of their single, "The Devil Lives in my Husband's Body" gave them a small amount of fame with college radio and alternative music followers.

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