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Text on Button Silly Boys, Airplanes are for GIRLS! www.powderpuffpilot.com
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White and black text on bright pink background. "Girls!" is in black while all other text is white. Curved along the bottom of the front face is white text for the website.

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The Powder Puff Pilot brand has been selling merchandise catering to female pilots for around ten years. The spark that started the company came from Sue and Dale Hughes’s child. The couple’s eight-year-old daughter, who was interested in flying, asked if aviation logbooks came in pink. Due to the fact that ninety-four percent of aviators are men, logbooks and other merchandise usually come in more masculine colors and designs. There were not any pink logbooks. Sue Hughes, one of the owners of Powder Puff Pilot, discussed the discrepancy in merchandise, and she found great support among female pilot friends for aviator merchandise targeting women. 

The inspiration for the brand name came from Will Rogers who referred to the Women’s Air Derby, a transcontinental air race, as the “Powder Puff Derby.” 

"Silly boys, airplanes are for girls," is a word play on the well-known slogan, "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!” from General Mills Trix cereal.


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