Popov Vodka Ya Wanna Corkscrew

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Text on Button YA WANNA Corkscrew
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Yellow background with purple and orange text. An illustration of a character with an orange head holding a pink drink is to to the left of the text and across its chest reads "Hugh Corkscrew" and on its cape "Popov (illegible)"

Curl Text Popov Vodka 80 Proof Heublein. Inc. Hartford. Conn. Vinya Table Wine Imported By Heublein
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Popov is a grain-based vodka, which is sold at a low price point and marketed for mixed drinks. It controls a significant market share of the vodkas sold in the United States and competes with other vodkas in the low range price niche. For some time, Popov was produced by Heublein, which was an American producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages. The company is credited for popularizing vodka in the United States after it acquired the rights to Smirnoff Vodka in 1938. 

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