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Philadelphia Sesqui Centennial 1926

Philadelphia Sesqui Centennial 1926 Innovative Button Museum
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Philadelphia Sesqui Centennial 1926 button back Innovative Button Museum
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PHILADELPHIA Sesqui-Centennial 1776 1926
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Illustration of a eighteenth-century American man on a black background. Cloth-backed paper in the shape of a hat extends from top of button. Blue and yellow ribbon with black text and black image of the Liberty Bell extends from bottom of button. 

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This button was made for Philadelphia's Sesquicentennial International Exposition in 1926, which celebrated 150 years of independence since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The Exposition lasted from June to December and featured an array of conventions and entertainment. Several buildings were erected in the south section of the city to house the events. 


Visitor Sees Philadelphia as a City that Clings to Past Traditions. [Editorial]. (9 Jan, 1926). Philadephia Tribune, p. 9. Retrieved from ProQuest Historical Newspapers database.  

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