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The Pay-n-Pak U-25 Turbine was a revolutionary boat in the world of hydroplane boat racing. Owned by Dave Heerensperger, this boat was the first to use a single turbine power plant on its U-25 hull design in the Unlimited class of racing. The new boat debuted in 1980 but in its first race flipped during trials and was unable to compete. After a series of high places, it finally won its first race in 1982 making it the first non-internal combustion engine to win an Unlimited race. Shortly after this historic win, the boat was involved in a crash with several others and it’s driver John Walters was severely injured. Shortly after, Heerensperger sold his team and retired from the sport. 

The Pay-n-Pak U-25 remains one of the defining boats in Unlimited Hydroplane Racing history. Eventually, all of the other boats would mimic the U-25 and feature a turbine engine.


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