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Parisian Novelty Company 453

Parisian Novelty Company 453 Innovative Button Museum
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Parisian Novelty Company 453 button back Innovative Button Museum
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Black and white headshot photograph of a woman with black rectangle with white text below it inside a circle with an American flag style background and blue and white text outside that

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Parisian Novelty Company was established in Chicago in 1898. For over a century, the company manufactured many advertising items and novelties, including compacts, tape measures, and buttons. In addition to being a pioneer in the production of celluloid novelties, Parisian Novelty Company was well-known as a photo button manufacturer at the beginning of the 20th century.

This button was used as a sample to show customers what an employee identification badge would look like. There is a small window in the front of the button, behind which a photograph is placed.


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