Ottawa Moose on a Bicycle

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Multicolor illustration of a moose riding a bicycle on a black background over yellow text.

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The illustration of the moose riding a bicycle is a fun way to promote the city of Ottawa. Located in southeastern Ontario, Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. The word Ottawa is derived from the Algonquin word Odawa, which means to trade. The town was settled on the south bank of the Ottawa River and was a location well known to local fur traders. Ottawa is located on the border of English-speaking Ontario and French-speaking Quebec across the river. 

Bicycling has been a popular pastime in Ottawa since the late 19th century. The Ottawa Bicycle Club was established in 1882; more than 250 people owned bicycles at the time. The club’s goal is to encourage and promote cycling, assist the cycling community, and defend and pursue the rights of cyclists under the Canadian Cycling Association. 

The moose represents Canadian wildlife. The moose population in Canada is almost 1,000,000, and they can be found in every province.


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