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Optical Illusion Spiral

Optical Illusion Spiral Art Button Museum
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Optical Illusion Spiral button back Art Button Museum
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Abstract design of overlapping black spirals on a white background. 

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©UUU. 28 ST. MARKS PL... NYC 10003

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The visual distortion in the spiral optical illusion design is caused by combining a regular line pattern (the circles) with misaligned parts (the black and white dashes),  so the spiral appears to be in motion. Some artists who have worked with optical illusions include M. C. Escher, Bridget Riley, Salvador Dalí, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Marcel Duchamp, Oscar Reutersvärd, Victor Vasarely and Charles Allan Gilbert. 

This design was produced by the Underground Uplift Unlimited, a slogan button and poster head shop ran by Randolfe Wicker on St. Marks Place in East Village between 1967 and 1971. Wicker closed the shop after becoming disillusioned with pot and psychedelic culture.


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