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Ontario Yours to Discover

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ONTARIO yours to discover!
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Red text shaped like a flag over blue text on a white background

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After years of diminishing tourism, Ontario decided to run an advertising campaign to revitalize the city's popularity. Inspired by the successful 1979 New York campaign, "I Love New York," Ontario decided to run print ads and commission a song with their new slogan, "Ontario - Yours to Discover." This campaign began in 1980 and was such a success, "Yours to Discover" was added to the province's license plate two years later. In January 1984, the “Yours to Discover” campaign won the award for best tourism advertising and best in all categories at the United States Television and Radio Commercials Festival. In April 2019, Ontario's premier, Doug Ford, decided to replace “Yours to Discover” on license plates with “Open for Business” and Ontarians were not happy with the announcement.


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